Create your Binance Smart Chain Token

Easily deploy your Smart Contract for a Standard, Capped, Mintable, Burnable BEP20 Token.
No login. No setup. No coding required.


Select the base configuration of your token (Free and Basic have limited configurations)
The name of your token
You token's symbol (ie BNB)
The number of decimal of your token (default 18)


Fixed / Capped / Unlimited
The number of coins minted during the creation of the contract
The maximum number of coins ever minted


Your token will const all the functionalities, and conforms to BEP20 protocol
The source code of your contract is automatically published and verified
A link pointing to this page will be added in the description of your contract (Free and Basic contracts only)
Allow the creation of new tokens in the future
Allow your tokens to be burned
Allow your tokens to be paused
Allow to recover any BEP20 tokens sent to your contract
Limit the maximum token holding per wallet.
Who can administer your contract

Owner: Your wallet address will be set as the owner of your token to perform administratives tasks (ie, mint new tokens).

Roles: All admin tasks (mint, burn, etc...) will be available to different users, based on their roles. By default, your wallet's address will be given all the roles.


Select the network on wich you want to deploy your token



Commission fee:
0.35 BNB
Gas fee: